Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904: Which is the best Racing Car Among Them?

If you have got boredom from the regular car’s monotonous driving, you must have the adventure of these sports cars. It gives you a thrill that other standard cars cannot.

Watching these supercars on race tracks makes our heart skip its beat.  Sports car scream its attitude through their design and attracts the crowds. Along with, superior aesthetics these sports cars excel in performances. If you are confused between Mazda Rt24-p and Porsche 904, then this article is appropriate for you. It’s tough to compare these solid and high-performance cars. But, to choose one we have to note all the specifications. So, let’s compare Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 and choose the best specialist racing car.

Mazda RT24-P aims to make race cars fast and beautiful. This car has not only rocket on wheels but also recognizable for its KODO motion design. Its name suggests Road to 24 prototypes developed for young driver development.

Porsche 904, also called Porsche Carrera GTS, is a specialist racing car. It is a tiny, light, and efficient racing car. This automobile launches in 1964 with ladder chassis and fiberglass body.

Detailed Comparison: Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904

Experience History

When talking about racing cars, the most remarkable thing is experience. It gives you tremendous fun and adventure that you forget your regular vehicle. Moreover, it makes you proud of its beauty and gives you the expertise of wheezing breeze and sound through its top speed. So, let’s compare the experience offered by Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904.

Mazda RT24-P: It has rich motorsport history giving a thrilling driving experience. It gives you a top speed of 321.8 km/h. in addition, it impresses its fan with a high rate of 200mph, 206mph, and 227mph. Thus, its rocket speed and whistling sound attract the crowd to cheer for this beauty.

Porsche 904: This car gives an impressive experience with its high speed and sheer comfort. It offers a top speed of 160 mph. In addition, it shows its speed magic with 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds and 0-100 mph in 14 seconds. As a result, this tiny model became popular in no time.

Experience Comparison Winner:

Finally, after comparing Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 based on experience, Mazda wins.

Suspension Design Comparison

To handle and control the car efficiently, your sports car should have outstanding suspension. It’s evident to lose control over rugged tracks. However, suspension design provides adequate balance and support to overcome this. So, it’s essential to compare Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 based on suspension.

Mazda RT24-P: This car has a straightforward design providing outstanding balance and support.  It has a double-wishbone front and rear suspension. In addition, it has push-rod actuated coil springs and dampers. However, its double A-arms suspension makes the car overcome all track difficulties.

Porsche 904: This car is the most innovative car of its era. It has coil springs with unequal-length A-arms in front. In addition, it supports a large wheelbase of 90.5inches. However, they support suspension design to be perfect. As a result, it creates an excellent balance and stability.

Suspension Design Comparison Winner:

In brief suspension design comparison of Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904, Mazda wins it.

Comfortable Design

Racers have to race for hours and more. So, the cars must be comfortable. Makers please the owners or racers with sheer comfort and facilities. Race cars are famous for their beauty and speed. But, to experience, the car ride, comfortable is an essential criterion. So, let’s see the comfortable design comparison of Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904.

Mazda RT24-P

Mazda RT24-P: This car has a tiny cockpit but enough space for the racer to be comfortable.  It consists of a multi-functioning steering wheel packed with a button. In addition, it has all the essential controls on the dashboard to manipulate the car.

Porsche 904: It has a two-seater comfortable cockpit. Moreover, it has enough leg space and a simple dashboard. It has three analog gauges behind three-spoke steering. In addition, it consists of an array of switches on the passenger side. It has lightweight door panels making it super comfortable.

Comfortable Design Comparison Winner:

Thus, the winner for a comfortable design comparison between Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 is Porsche 904.

Aerodynamic Design

Aerodynamics enhances the speed and performance of these racing cars. It provides good stability, control, and handling qualities. However, aerodynamic design is essential for curvy race tracks. So, let’s compare Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 based on aerodynamic design.

Mazda RT24-P: Its lightweight body and advanced design provide excellent aerodynamics to the car. It has a carbon-fiber monocoque body. In addition, it has a unique rear wing design that has sharp tapering and wheel pods. Thus, it gives high downforce and superb aerodynamics to the car.


Porsche 904: Its fiberglass body and ladder chassis made it a very light body. Its body bonds with steel chassis to provide extra rigidity. As a result, it achieves a drag coefficient of 0.34. In addition, smooth fairing over the headlight aids in aerodynamic features.

Aerodynamic Comparison Winner:

To sum up the comparison between Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904, Mazda RT24-P wins this.

Engine Comparison

Race lovers or enthusiast loves to hear the roaring of the engine. The powerful engine is the mind and soul of a racing car.  Moreover, the race is all about powerful performance and speed. And, for that, you need a reliable, robust engine. So, let’s compare Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 to know which has the best machine.

Mazda RT24-P: This car shows extreme performance and roar sounds like a beast. It supports the powerful engine helping to impress the crowd. Furthermore, it has a 2.0L turbocharged engine with an inline four-cylinder valve. This Mazda MZ-2.0T offers 600 horsepower and five-speed manual transmission.

Porsche 904: This car comes with a 2.0L flat-four engine. It has a five-speed manual transmission with a 9:8:1 compression ratio. Furthermore, it offers 198 horsepower performance with 100.7 hp/ liter. It is a quiet, efficient engine to win the race among its generation of cars.

Engine Comparison Winner:

With a highly efficient engine, Mazda RT24-P wins the comparison between Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904.

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Safety Design comparison

Racers have to go through many difficulties during the race. So, it’s necessary to install a safe design in the car. Moreover, from brakes to safety equipment, everything should be there. Thus, advanced safety and security techniques should be in the car.

Mazda RT24-P:  This car has a powerful braking system and other safety measures. It has front and rear Brembo/Hitco ventilated carbon-ceramic discs.  In addition, it has paddle operated 6-speed sequential gearbox. Furthermore, it has new active safety techniques and pre-crash safety techniques.

Porsche 904: This car comes with the ultimate safety and braking system. It includes six-point harnesses and a fire extinguisher. It has front and rear disc brakes with 5-speed manual gearbox.  Thus, this car provides enough security to overcome the difficulty in the race.

Safety Design Comparison Winner:

To conclude, the comparison between Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 we get Mazda RT24-P winner. Its robust and advanced safety design makes this beast win.

Budget comparison

These attractive and powerful race cars may compel you to buy. But, once you get to know the price, you would have a dilemma of owning it. The way they amaze you with their performance, likewise, they may whack you with the budget. Finding a race car in your budget is significant for the balance both ways. So, let’s compare Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 and see their budget range.

Mazda RT24-P: This race car is the prototype and track-only. Moreover, this car is not available for sale. It has three cars of this prototype plans for sale in the future.

Porsche 904:  This car is a dream for every sports car lover. With excellent design and unmatched performance, it attracts all fans. This rare and beautiful race car has a value of $2.0 million. Its top sale was $2.3 million.

Budget Comparison Winner:

In the end, we have the information about the budget for both the cars. As Mazda RT24-P is not for sale, we only have Porsche to own among these two. Thus, comparing Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904, Porsche wins.

Fuel Consumption Comparison

Racers have to race for a longer duration. So, it becomes crucial to have efficient fuel and mileage. The racing car, which has less fuel consumption, is ideal for running on the race track. However, adequate fuel consumption is also crucial for preventing your vehicle from overstepping fuel use regulations. The less fuel-consuming automobile will be ideal to own. So, let’s compare Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 based on fuel consumption.

Mazda RT24-P:  This car provides a large fuel tank with excellent mileage. It has 75 liters of the fuel tank, that is, 19.8 Gallons US. It supports direct fuel injection with dry-sump lubrication. Moreover, it has VP Racing fuels unleaded 80% with E20 American Ethanol 20%. It gives a mileage of 300 bhp/liter.

Porsche 904:  This car has a 110L large fuel tank. It has a 2 Weber twin-choke downdraft carburetor fuel system. It gives a mileage of 92 bhp/liter.

Fuel Consumption Winner:

In the final analysis of the comparison between Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 based on fuel, Mazda wins it.  Porsche 904 has a high fuel capacity. In contrast, Mazda with excellent mileage wins the comparison.

Problem comparison

It’s impossible to make cars with zero drawbacks or problems. These cars being human-made, may have few issues over these great features. So, let’s compare Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 to know which has major and minor problems.

Mazda RT24-P:  During the race, this car has to go through few problems. Due to these issues, it has to face defeat in the race. There were battery trouble and a brake issue in this car during the race.

Porsche 904:  This car design won many races and has lots of championships at its name. The only problem it has to face was its declining demand due to Formula one cars. This car has to face stiff opposition to overcome in the market.

Problem Comparison Winner:

Based on fewer problems, Porsche 904 wins the comparison between Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904.

Maintenance comparison

It’s not sufficient for race cars that you buy and keep as a showpiece. Regular maintenance is essential for your vehicle. Maintenance ensures the long life of your racecar. It may be expensive or sometimes within your budget to maintain your car. So, let’s compare Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904 to know which car demands more maintenance.

Mazda RT24-P:  This car ranks brand with the lowest average repair cost. It requires engine and fuel tank maintenance at 35000 miles. It has an affordable maintenance cost.

Porsche 904:  This car ranks as the most expensive luxury automobile. It does not need short-interval repair, but the cost adds up high.

Maintenance comparison winner

With low maintenance and average cost, Mazda RT24-P wins this comparison between Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904.


On comparing two strong-headed sportscars, Mazda RT24-P VS Porsche 904, we get to know detailed information about both cars. On the whole, it was a challenging task to do so.  Both automobiles have their expertise. Moreover, choosing one is very difficult.  However, if you are a sports car lover and want to own one of these, this article will help. Even if you are for the information, you will get all information about specifications and features.

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