Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72: Which car is best in the formula one category?

Introduction of Ferrari 412 t1 and Lotus 72

Welcome to the world of the highest class of international auto racing. That is the world of Formula one sports cars. Are you a big fan of formula racing and enjoy the screeching thunder of these sports cars? Do you skip your heartbeat, witnessing your favourite cars competing to reach the finish line? If yes, you must have heard about two powerful and beautiful Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72. These cars are among the best leading formula one cars. Moreover, with powerpack performance, they both have raised the bar of formula one racing.

Whether you are a sports car fan or enthusiast, who wants to know about these cars, in instance, we could help you. This article of comparison on Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72 would answer all your questions.

ferrari 412 t1

Ferrari 412 t1 is a formula one racing car that competed in the 1994 formula one world championship. Moreover, with a simple and straightforward design, it ruled formula one racing.

lotus 72

Lotus 72 is a formula one racing car that aced the 1970 championship and United States race. With the introduction of this car, the makers gave remarkable design in F1 history. With the advanced technique and sheer comfort, this car became a favourite.

Comparison: Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72


Every car racer driving a sports car wants to have the best experience of the ride. You, too, expect these F1 cars to give the best speed along with super comfort. So, let’s compare Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72 to know which car offers the best riding experience.

Ferrari 412 t1: It is a single sitter sports car giving unmatching speed and astounding noise. Moreover, you might acknowledge its significant amount of power and characteristic sound. That is to say that, you may experience a top speed of 245 km/hr on automatic mode. In addition, 250 km/hr on manual mode. This car made riders and sport car lovers amaze with its performance.

Lotus 72:This car is the most fabulous Lotus race car ever in the F1 category. Indeed, it gives riders outstanding experience with its top speed better among others. It sets the world record for a top speed of 143 mph among this group of cars. Moreover, its performance and experience became one of the most successful designs.

Experience Winner:

When we compare Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72, we know both these cars have their own unique experiences. Therefore, choosing one out of them is challenging. So, due to their excellent experience delivery, both are the winners. 


Acing the race without facing rough and rugged rides is impossible for the racers. You must be happy to see how racers control their car on the curvy race track. Makers provide a great suspension design to these cars. However, these suspensions in the motorsport’s car provide firm control without difficulty. So, let’s know which car has a superb suspension design between Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.

Ferrari 412 t1: This car broke the spell of race cars in the 1940s. Riders experience a smooth ride with two suspensions, front, and rear. Moreover, the front suspension has a pushrod with torsion bars. And, the same feature has the rear suspension. Moreover, robust suspension supports BBS 13″ front and rear wheels with Goodyear tires. Therefore, this feature provides ultimate power to the car to make dangerous drifts and tilts. Subsequently, it attracts crowd attention and fills them with joy.

Lotus 72:This car has the gift of excellent design with front and rear suspensions. Firstly, the front one consisted of two wishbones, torsion bars. In addition, it has an anti-roll bar and telescopic dampers. In addition, the rear one has a lower wishbone and only one radius rod, and everything like the front one.

Suspension Winner:

With extraordinary suspension design, Lotus 72 wins the comparison between Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.


It’s crucial to ensure that race drivers feel comfortable with their ride. Therefore, car designers make satisfying designs for racers. So, let’s compare Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72 to know best based on comfortable design.

Ferrari 412 t1: This car has a detailed, comfortable cockpit for racers. The dimensions of the cockpit are as per the regulations of 1994. Moreover, enough leg space with easy manipulation of settings from the seat is what all drivers can do with ease.

Lotus 72:With a monocoques-shaped cockpit, drivers felt comfortable driving this supercar. This shape made all the essentials fit in the cockpit, causing the driver easy to ride. The MOMO steering wheel and few basics gauges provide command control over the car.

Comfortable Design Winner:

Comparing Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72 for the best comfortable design, Ferrari 412 wins it.

Aerodynamics Design

Excellent aerodynamics provides greater stability and balance to the supercars. Consequently, it makes it easier to ride in such curvy race tracks with a lot of comfort and ease. Moreover, we must note the body design, wheel arcs to determine the aerodynamics of the car. So, let’s compare and find out the best aerodynamics design between Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.

Ferrari 412 t1: It has a body frame of carbon fiber with a honeycomb composite structure. Aiding to aerodynamics, it has sculptured sidepods and a sleek rounded nosecone design. In addition, this supercar on redesigning got wings for aerodynamics, giving better downforce.

Lotus 72:The car has a monocoque, wedge-shaped design with an aluminium sheet body frame. In addition, a subframe aided aerodynamic to this car. Moreover, it has three-leaf rear wings and a nose scone for better airflow. Also, dampers helped the car to improve aerodynamics.

Aerodynamics Design Winner:

Both give tough competition to each other for an aerodynamic feature. But excelling with more excellent aerodynamic, Lotus 72 wins among Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.


If you are looking for a powerful race car, then have to talk about its soul. That is the engine of the car. Moreover, A powerful engine makes your car the undisputed king of the road. So, to know which car’s engine does best in the formula one, we need to compare Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.

Ferrari 412 t1: This car roars with a 3.5L V12 engine with 3499.65cc. In addition, it has a 6-speed transmission with reverse with a four-valve cylinder. With this, this car was capable of delivering 750 horsepower at 15,300 Rpm. This powerful engine gives unmatched performance among other race cars.

Lotus 72:This car aces its generation with a naturally-aspirated V8 engine with 3L capacity. Moreover, it includes five manual transmissions with 2993cc displacement. This power pack engine gives 440-450 hp at 10,000 Rpm. In addition, it has a four-valve cylinder giving the most excellent torque to this car.

Engine Winner:

The powerful engine makes Ferrari 412 the beast. Thus, wins the comparison between Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.


Making race cars safe and reliable must be an essential concern for the maker’s Safety design provides racers the ability to drive in challenging tracks and be safe. Therefore, Safety design is a concern. So, let’s compare best among Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.

Ferrari 412 t1:This car ensures safety with powerful brakes and other reliable safety features. It has front and rears self-ventilated discs with four-piston callipers and a large door mirror, providing better vision for reversing and back ideas. Moreover, Bumpers with a plastic body includes in this car, providing extra comfort.

Lotus 72:This car features front and rear inboard ventilated brakes. These powerful brakes enable drivers to take control over speed and be safe. Lotus 72 comes with more safety features like traditional bullet-type mirrors. This rear mirror provides safety and ensures secure reverse parking.

Safety Winner:

Ferrari with the best safety feature wins comparison between Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.


Are you a race car lover and want one to be in your name? Then, you must have to sacrifice your money love. These super attractive cars can cost you a lot. It not only aww you with its features but also with its price. So, let’s compare the budget between Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.

Ferrari 412 t1: Owning a Ferrari 412 t1 can give you tremor to your wallet with a price of $1500,000. To sum up, we can say that it comes with a complete package to be an excellent race car.

Lotus 72:With a beautiful and attractive design, it steals the show for the crowd cheering in the race. It was for sale for $292,500. Lotus 72 was the most beautiful design in race history.

Budget winner:

With a low budget and better design, Lotus 72 wins the comparison between Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.

Fuel Consumption

A racing car with high fuel capacity is an essential criterion to win long duration race. So, let’s compare Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72 for the best fuel economy.

Ferrari 412 t1:This car comes with an 18L fuel tank with multi-point indirect fuel injection. It gives 68.8Hp/L fuel economy, giving high on-road performance.

Lotus 72: It has a fuel supply system of 32 valves with Lucas L- Jetronic fuel injects. It gives an economy of 19.4 L/100 on-road and 29.1L/100 in sports.

Fuel Consumption Winner:

With high fuel economy, Ferrari 412 t1 wins the comparison between Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.


With undue advantages, few drawbacks come along. After all, these are machines they may lack somewhere. So, let’s see which car has more problems between Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.

Ferrari 412 t1:This car was the best of its generation. It lacks excellent aerodynamics and safety. So, many changes were there in the successor of 412 t1.

Lotus 72:This car has significant handling problems due to anti-dive and anti-squat suspension. Later on, this problem solves with a change in suspension. These designs lack the installation of a large engine. Thus, causing an issue in fuel economy. There was some issue with the front brakes. They changed it later on.

Problem Winner:

On comparing, Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72 based on the problem, Therefore, with fewer problems, Ferrari 412 t1 wins it.


These sportscars need regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning on track. So, let’s compare Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72 on a maintenance basis.

Ferrari 412 t1: This car is very rough and steady on the race track. Even being on such a challenging route demands minor maintenance. Moreover, maintenance and repair are not expensive in this car.

Lotus 72:This car is expensive to maintain and repair due to its brittle framework. In addition, it requires oil changing after every six months. Thus, owning a Lotus car might be costly to your wallet.

Maintenance Winner:

In conclusion, Ferrari 412 t1, with easy maintenance, wins Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72.


A comparison of Ferrari 412 t1 VS Lotus 72 is most challenging. As these two have their own best specifications. Moreover, they both give tough completion to competitors and each other as well. We get to see Ferrari 412 t1 aces its generation with its power pack and unmatched performance. Moreover, Lotus 72, with six times championship winner, ruled its category.

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