Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35: Which Car Does Better in Group C?

Racers or racing fans are interested in sports races to watch for the best racing car. Moreover, they want to know about sports cars that increase their excitement. We find cars whose speed astonishes us, and the roar of an engine raises our heartbeat. That’s all excitement about race events and championships. Racers or race fans often try to find such cars and compare their ability with others. So, we compare two unique sports cars, Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35, for this purpose, to help you invest time in the right sports car. Let’s know about these cars first.

Dauer962 Le Mans is a Porsche sports car of Group C. Dauer962 Le Mans introduce in September 1993 at Frankfurt Motor Show. With the support of Porsche, it went on to win 24 hours of Le Mans in 1994. In the meantime, Dauer962 Le Mans has both road and race versions. It dominated Group C for more than decades. Moreover, this beast won five world sportscar championships and has 6 Le Mans at its name. And, Other supercars inspired by Dauer962 came into the racing world.

Nissan P35 by Nissan Motors is Group C racing cars for the world sportscar championship. Nissan P35, also known as Nissan NP35, was the final prototype.

Experience Comparison: Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35

Everyone wants the experience in sportscar to be unique and exclusive. Moreover, we expect our sports car to make us feel like the beast. These coupe cars will make you proud of owning them. In addition, we want to experience the fastest speed with lots of comforts. So, Let’s compare Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35 to determine which gives the best experience.

Dauer965 Le Mans: It was the fastest street-legal production car in the racing world. It gave a top speed of 404.6 km/hr. Furthermore, it accelerates up to 0- 100 km/hour in 2.8 seconds and 0-200 km/hour in 7.3 seconds. Dauer Le Mans was the undisputed king of the road of its time. Every motorsport lover knows fact how great a racer was Dauer962. Thus, it gave the racer experiencing riding the best sports car.

Nissan P35:This car has no experience on-road and race as well. The company calls off its launch immediately before it could show its endurance and superpowers.

Experience Comparison Winner

Comparing Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35 on an experience basis; hence, with super speed and excellent endurance, Dauer962 Le Mans wins this.

Suspension Design: Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35

Racing cars have to go through rough rides. So, the riders need a super smooth sportscar to steal the show. Therefore, it’s essential to check suspension design. Without that, it would be challenging to control the car in racing tracks or roads at times of emergency. Thus, these sports cars come with excellent suspension to provide the best experience. Let’s find out the best suspension feature in Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35.

Dauer965 Le Mans: It gives a smooth ride with double overlapped triangular pattern suspension. Moreover, It has a push-rod shock absorber adjusted from the driver seat. It supports the car’s suspension feature so well with four large-diameter wheels and tires, front-265/35ZR18 and rear-285/40ZR18. In addition, the screeching sound of 18.0* 11.0-inch wheels gives goosebumps to the crowd cheering out there.

Nissan P35:It has a superior suspension design making it the fastest and smoothest car. With double-wishbone front and rear suspension, it helps quick turns and dangerous drifts. Adjustable anti-roll bars, flexible springs, and damper units are in front. The rear suspension consists of a double inverted wishbone with adjustable radius rods. Supercar lovers have craze over its elastic built and exceptional performance. The noise of 13.0*17GY front tire and 14.5*18 GY rear tire has the next level of euphoria among the crowd.

Suspension Design Winner

Nissan P35 with reliable and unmatched suspension design features wins this comparison between Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35.

Comfortable Design: Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35

Racers have to face challenges of the race track, unknowing obstacles, and many more. So, designing supercars ensuring their comfort is quintessential. Racers look for a comfortable cockpit. That gives them ease and the environment to overcome outer barriers. Drivers should not feel that driving these supercars is a constant tussle. Let’s compare to find out which of these two Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35 comforts rider more.

Dauer965 Le Mans: It’s the same supercar in which riders hit Le Mans sitting 24 hours inside the cockpit. It’s pretty obvious to think it’s most comfortable inside. But to get in, there is a task too. The Dauer has a massive door, but you have to show some acrobat skills to step the sill. Once you are in the cockpit, you will feel comfortable. It provides you with good visibility with a well-proportioned steering wheel. Digital equipment and easy gear shift reassure you to drive in.

Nissan P35:It has a different design compared to the usual sports cars. Nissan P35 designers gave super comfortable elements to this car. Further, it comprises adequate leg space with large cockpits easing drivers. Drivers could manipulate all the settings from their seats. All the buttons to handle functions were accessible with ease.  Above all, Nissan P35 would be a revolution in the racing world of Group C if launched.

Comfortable Design Winner

Nissan P35 with super comfortable cockpits wins comfortable design comparison between Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35.

Aerodynamics Design: Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35

Racers need sportscar to have desirable downward forces and cornering abilities. The sportscar must be able to deal with wind noise and prevent lifting forces at high speed. So having equipped with the best aerodynamic design is necessary. Better wheel arcs and body design gives good aerodynamic feature. Firstly, Aerodynamic design works as a seal between wheels and gearbox. Secondly, It enhances stability and good handling abilities.

Dauer965 Le Mans: This supercar provides excellent aerodynamics capacity enabling it to win Le Mans 6 times. It has a body frame made of a tubular aluminum truss pattern cover. So consequently, Its Kevlar body reduces its drag and downforce. Dauer962 has aerodynamic drag at 0.31cc. With tremendous downforce, Dauer excels in its top speed performance.

Nissan P35:It has a body frame made of aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic. It excelled in the wind tunnel test. This car was able to maintain a sleeker aerodynamic body and with robust downforce. 200mph downforce was enough for this beast to show its game in the race.

Aerodynamics Design Winner

Differentiating aerodynamic design between Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35, both excelled in this field with their respective qualities.

Engine Comparison: Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35

The engine is the brain and soul of automobiles. Without it, your car is nothing but a decorative piece. A powerful engine makes your sportscar solid and sturdy. The roar of an engine makes your car way beyond fascinating. Suppose you want your friends to charm by your car. Then it should have an unchallenged horsepower engine.

Dauer965 Le Mans: This motorsport car has an intimidating strong3.0 liter six-cylinder water-cooled boxer engine. It has five-speed manual transmission connected to the rear-wheel drive. Therefore, Dauer962 was capable of delivering 730 horsepower with 700 Nm torque. It requires talent of a certain level to tame this horsepower. Bosch Motronic 1.7 engine management system controlled the ignition. And With an extraordinary high compression ratio of 9:0:1. It gives an unmatched performance on the race track endearing the crowd.

Nissan P35:This racing car introduced a new unit of the engine as per Group C regulations. With excellent endurance capabilities, Nissan P35 was a winner in the racing world. Nissan P35 justified the rule of Group C and introduced a natural-aspirated 3.5 liters 3499 CC engine. Itsengine called VRT35 gave 630 horsepower, 470KW, and capable of reaching 12000rpm. The well-equipped V12 machine excelled among the other supercars.

Engine Comparison Winner

Comparing Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35 based on engine, both have the best in their field. Dauer962 has a significant engine but does not pass in new regulations of Group C. In contrast, Nissan P35 has an engine under the rule but with low horsepower. Keeping performance in mind, Dauer962 is the winner in this comparison.

Safety Comparison: Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35

Safety is the most crucial criterion for racers. Maintain safety measures in sportscars should be the prime concern. Powerful brakes and backup camera installations are there. Racers need more safety as they face challenges and perform stunts. Such proper types of equipment should be present within the car.

Dauer965 Le Mans: It ensures the proper safety of riders by providing an incredible braking system. It consists of four self-ventilating disc brakes coupled with an ABS. Well equipped with catalysts and the automated opening of the door. Dauer962 gives trusted safety to racers. It lacks rear visibility, making reverse parking difficult and prone to accidents.

Nissan P35:This car focuses on safety by providing dual rear wings giving better navigation. It has 4-pod carbon front and rear brakes. As a result, it shows a comprehensive approach towards its security.

Safety Comparison Winner

Comparing which of these Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35 gives the best safety, we found; both have some pros and cons. With strong dual brakes, Nissan P35 wins this.

Budget Comparison: Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35

If you are a motorsport car lover, you must drop your wallet to have one. Owning a high-performance supercar not only whacks you with its unique style. Also, it smacks with its budget.

Dauer965 Le Mans: Owning this car can give you a much bigger hit to your bank balance. It costs $1200000USD coupled with limited production. It comes with carbon fiber panels full cover in leather. In addition, it has a detachable steering wheel, detailed space for luggage present in this car. Moreover, it gives a DVD player and also interior cooling quality at this price.

Nissan P35:It never came into roads and race track. Because Its manufacturing stopped midway, therefore, it’s not for sale.

Budget Comparison Winner

In conclusion, Dauer962, with its exclusive interiors and affordable budget, wins this Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35 comparison.

Fuel Consumption: Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35

 Factors important in-car performance; Fuel consumption plays a significant role in its execution. Racers need to race for hours, and thus betrayal by fuel will be terrible. In other words, Supercars giving good mileage and large fuel tanks are reasons for choosing it in the race.

Dauer965 Le Mans: Giving the history of 24 hours race, it’s very evident that mileage is super strong. Fuel consumption is low with high street performance. In addition, it has a larger fuel tank with 240hp per liter.

Nissan P35:This racing car would ace the game in the racing world with its potent engine and good fuel mileage. It has a water-cool fuel injection system. Moreover, the specific power of the Nissan P35 is 180.1 hp per liter.

Fuel Consumption Winner

Comparing Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35 based on fuel consumption; In conclusion, we can find Dauer962 with low fuel consumption and more outstanding mileage wins it.

Problem Comparison: Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35

There are always few drawbacks over colossal advantages. But We need to know the problems of supercars before owning them. Most importantly, these problems must be bearable.

Dauer965 Le Mans: Even so, it has few drawbacks with all the unmatched performances and unbeatable features. It has a compact cockpit with worse legroom. Moreover, the worse aspect of this car is the absence of a rear mirror. The suspension is stiff consequently, causing discomfort to racers.

Nissan P35:Its major drawback was that it never launched in the market or race. Moreover, its modified version, NP35, also failed due to mechanical problems.

Problem Comparison Winner

Despite few issues, Dauer is still roaring its presence on the roads. Therefore, considering it as the reason, it becomes the winner of Dauer962 Le Mans VS Nissan P35.


This comparison emphasizes the two supercars. In conclusion, this is to say that both of them are the most refined and most remarkable of their time. With all the durable and reliable features, Dauer962 Le Mans aces its game in the market. At the same time, Nissan P35 is the phantom supercar dooms in the market due to their production. But, Nissan P35, if launched, could have brought a revolution in the racing market.

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